Ground School Descriptions

All events are part of the event fee. Everyone is encouraged to attend as many briefs as possible and participate in each evenings flying event.
For non-FAST patched pilots: It is a requirement for participation as a pilot at ARS that you possess a copy of and have studied the RPA Formation Manual and are thoroughly familiar with the contents of the Manual. You are also required to view the 55 minute RPA Wing Groundschool Video online, prior to attending the clinic, by clicking here!
FAST Patched pilots are encouraged to attend and utilize the school as an annual refresher
Instructor: Not scheduled, can be conducted on request
This ground school introduces the maneuvers that compose the art of TACFORM (Tactical Formation).  The brief covers the history of TACFORM as well as procedures and techniques.
Flight training for TACFORM does not occur until after FAST Wingman certification, but ALL are welcome to attend the brief.
Lead Seminar is required for a lead card and time and place will be determined based on sign ups. This is an interactive brief and discussion of issues applicable to FAST formation flying.  Emphasis on judgment and proper prior planning to ensure success when you lead a flight will be discussed. The open discussions can lead to interesting topics.

All levels of experience are encouraged to attend and learn from the seasoned aviators.